Yidong Technology Co., Ltd. launched electronic LED fluorescent lamp

EZ Lighting Electronic LED Fluorescent is a revolutionary LED fluorescent product!

General LED fluorescent products can only be used in general AC power supplies or with traditional ballasts! But for high-performance electronic ballasts, there is nothing you can do... EZ Lighting electronic LED fluorescent lamps are specially designed to let You can enjoy clean, environmentally friendly and efficient lighting directly on the luminaires of the electronic ballasts, using illuminated LED fluorescent lamps.

6 Layer PCB

6 layer PCB Board is, in general, a 4 Layer PCB Board with 2 extra signal layers added between the planes. The 6-layer PCB classic stackup includes 4 routing layers (2 outer layers + 2 internal layers) and 2 internal planes (one for ground and the other for power). This enhances the EMI dramatically by offering 2 buried layers for high-speed signals and 2 surface layers for routing low-speed signals. The signal layers should be closed to the adjacent planes.

6 Layer PCB

Why order 6 layer PCB from JHY PCB? You will get it after check below advantages.

1. Good quality and price: We are experienced in producing six layer PCB, cost and time can be controlled well. This can help our customer to order good boards in cost-effective price.

2. Short Turnaround Times:

3. No Minimum Quantity: 1 pcs of PCB can be offered.

4. More orders, more discount.

5. Custom PCB Sizes:

6 Layer PCB

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