Zetex LED drivers for versatility, simplicity and cost effectiveness

More efficient, more rugged and more reliable than alternative incandescent or fluorescent lamps, LEDs provide lighting designers with new found freedom and flexibility. Continuous improvements in high brightness LED efficacy and color rendering mean their output performance challenges that of traditional lighting technologies in many applications.

To ensure the total cost of ownership of LED lighting is comparable with, or even lower than traditional lighting, highly efficient and cost effective processes for driving LEDs are vital. That's why Diodes Incorporated has developed a range of dedicated LED driver ICs to tackle a wide Range of existing and emerging applications including:
Architectural lighting
Automotive lighting
Safety and security lights
Portable lighting

Zetex LED driver solutions from Diodes are not only characterized by high efficiency and cost effectiveness. Their incredible versatility means that a simple change in external components can produce the perfect solution for a radically different lighting application.

Product classes
Medium voltage integrated switch
Battery operated integrated switch
Cost efficient drivers
Continuous mode inductive step down converters, designed to efficiently drive single and multiple series connected LEDs.

Philizon enjoys a high reputation in  Grow Light  and Aquarium Led Light fields throughout Europe and America, Philizon also insists on taking high technology to design the newest&best Industrial Grow Light and aquariumlight constantly as the market request. Our R&D team with more than 10 people has rich experience in appearance design, electronic structure,heat dissipation simulation analysis, optical lens design, lightcontrol system etc. Most of our hydroponics full spectrum Led Grow Lighting and marine coral reef ledaquarium lighting are private modules,we have 10 more design patent and utility model patent till now.

Our Industrial Grow Light is popular in led market, cause its elegant outlook and its high quality and competitive price.

Industrial Grow Light

Industrial Grow Light

What is Full spectrum led chip ?

It is the newest trend for indoor plants. Advanced Led Grow Lights chip,not provide sigle color ,provide broad spectrum 400nm~840nm,simialr with sun light ,but most is red and blue,it is best for plant grow.This is a revolutionary step for Grow light which have previously been unable to act as the sole light source for the indoor garden.Suitable for all stages of plant growth.

Industrial Grow Light


 Upgraded Epistar chips,High Lumen,High penetration.

 Zener Diode protection Each LED,one LED Out,other LEDs still work.
 High quality material,Listed Certification Wires,Heatproof Tube,Zero-Risk to catch fire.
 Efficient Full spectrum Special rations of Blue,Red and White for both blooming &fruiting stages.
 Adopting isolated power supply,safe&easy to maintain&long life time.
 Aluminum heat-conducting plate+high quality brand fans,efficient heat dissipation.
 IR LED involved,it is not as bright as other leds,But promote the yield.

 Plug with listed certificate safe to use.

Industrial Grow Light

The Plug you can choose 

Industrial Grow Light

Ageing Test

Industrial Grow Light

Our Quality Control systems

Industrial Grow Light


Industrial Grow Light

Industrial Grow Light

Our professional Square Grow Light are suitable for all the indoor plants and good for seeding, growth,flowering and fruiting stages of plants, increasing the harvest and Saving energy.

Industrial Grow Light


1.lndoor use only.

2.To avoid being damaged,do not use water or drip irrigation while using.

3.Sunshine lighting time should be 12-18 hours.

4.While irradiating the plants,the height of led grow lamp is not less than 10 inches,low height will cause the destruction of plants.

5.Highly hang the lamp will weaken the energy and affect the growth cycle of the plants, so the lamp should not be hung too high.

6.While taking care of the plants, please spray the leaves and branches 2-3 times everyday,to ensure the the plants do not wrinkle a wither, and have no phenomenon of few fruit, and hard pericarp.

Our Company

Industrial Grow Light

Industrial Grow Light

Trade Terms 

Payment: T/T, L/C, Paypal, 30% deposits before production, 70% balance to be paid before deliverying(Western Union are welcome)

Sample will be delivered within 7 working days.

Discounts are offered based on order quanlityes.

MOQ:sample order are acceptable

Delivery ways:DHL,UPS,FedEx,TNT, door to door,by sea,by air,etc.

Philizon Industrial Grow Light are perfect for green house applications and much more!

Commercial Grow Lights

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