Zhangdian central city street lights will gradually change to LED energy-saving lamp heads

On July 25th, careful citizens can notice that the street lights on Zhongrun Avenue in the High-tech Zone have been partially replaced with LE D energy-saving lamps. Today, the reporter learned from the streetlights of Zibo City that the upgraded street lamps have reached 204 盏. After measuring the LE D energy-saving lamps, the energy-saving effect of the original street lamps can reach 67.9%. In the future, the street lights of the main roads in the central city will be upgraded one after another.

According to reports, the use of LE D lamps in the road section, the lighting effect is better than a single mercury lamp, sodium lamp effect. The relevant person in charge of the Zibo City Street Light Management Office introduced the street lamp heads of Jinjing Avenue and Zhongrun Avenue to LED energy-saving lamp heads.

According to preliminary estimates, the energy saving effect of each LE D energy-saving lamp is obvious. It turns out that the two lighting heads of each street lamp are 250 watts and 150 watts respectively. The LED energy-saving lamps that are replaced now are only a few tens of watts, which is more economical and has better lighting effects.

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